Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wen Review, New purchase, Oils & More April 20, 2011

Okay So I bought the Wen a few months ago Sweet Almond Mint. Ohhhhh.

I looked in the discovery kit and found a Hair cleanser 12 oz., A texture Balm, A styling Creme and the Remoist Intense Treatment.

I wet my hair the same way I'd prepare to use my Hair One, I applied some rubbed the Hair Cleanser through and splashed again. rubbing it more as it foamed up very well. I washed my hair with this one to two times and well..... I love it. I think it is definitely softened my hair up a little more than Hair One. It brings out the best in my natural hair. Makes the Curls pop like no other.

I love the Wen Texture Balm for the control. I rub this in my palm and then rub hands together before applying this to my hair line. It keeps them in check.

I don't really care for the Styling cream at all. Nope. It was like rubbing nothing on my hair. No added benefit, basically to me a waste of space. Will try it with my Roller sets. Meh...

The Wen Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment worked well as I left it on over night after doing my Henna. I want to give a different review of using this on a normal basis not after doing a Henna. Yet, I like it even after that.

The WEN comb is lousy and I hate it. It is pure garbage to me. I own a Bone Comb/seamless comb and this was nothing to compare. I don't use it.

HENNA- I love Henna. A few blogs ago I let you see my mix and it in my hair. Henna for me is the Best thing since Sliced cheese. I love it. I look forward to my monthly coloring. Yes for me it is a double dooer. ;)

I mix it with a conditioner to make sure I get a great conditioning effect from it. This month April 30 I will be doing a Henna and indigo 2 step. I will sleep in the Henna Overnight to get a good set in color. I will also be mixing a fresh batch to see if it works differently then letting it sit in the freezer.
Henna is all new to me but I am trying to see what works best and when. or Wen LOL

Oils Oils Oils, My Henna is going to have some new oils to add into it. They raised the price Of Amla Oil and I am now trying the Vatika Oil. I have a new Henna Recipe which removes the Amla since Vatika has it in there and replaces with Vatika.

I bougth some Buriti Oil from Sallys. I am still loving the Argan oil but a little mad they raised their prices. Yet when you compare the Argan to the price of the Morrocan oil. I will head for the Argan any day. Plus it works wonderfully.

I will be leaving a review on both oils in a future Blog. How I love or don't love them and how I use them.

DO YOU Want a review or a Blog on something I haven't Blogged on already? Let me know :)

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