Saturday, April 16, 2011

Update in Regimen - April 16, 2011

Due to the recent relaxer I received I won't be wigging monthly. WILL I STOP? HELL NO! LOL I am going to wear roller sets and play with my hair some. Might toss on a Half Wig here and there, for about 3 months. After 3 months I will wig it for another 3 months. Then relax again. I love being relaxed. I have been natural before and While I love it when I do it. I never did it to follow anyone. I never did it because I heard of someone doing it or thought my relaxed hair was ugly. I also have pretty much always had a decent length and a healthy head of hair. Any Choices you make; going bald, going natural, relaxing, coloring, or any choice you choose to make. Make sure your happy with it. :) At the end of the day you must live with your decision :)

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