Wednesday, February 16, 2011

UP and Coming - 2/16/2011

What we are going to be doing:

  • HENNA - First time experience

  • Braid outs

  • Bantu Knot outs

  • Bunning of some sort

  • Soft Roller sets :)

Okay so I am still up in my braids and last night I sprayed with my Nu-Gro Spray and greased my scalp (which I only do when in corn rows) with Nu-Gro professional Hair-Gro Oil. NO, I don't think it makes your hair grow any faster, NO I don't think it helps with balding or thinning hair. I just really love the ingredients in this product. The greases only demon is Petrolatum which is the first ingredient but the rest are pure heavenly herbs. The Spray has no Petrolatum and is all heavenly herbs. The smell is amazing. My hair stays baby soft with the spray it is very good. YEt they did raise their prices so a sister is going to have to start looking for a new pair of shoes LOL.

I mixed my henna. I bought two I bought Lush Caca Noir and Jamila Henna from the indian grocer. I mixed the Jamila with Hot Black tea, Paprika, Amla oil 2 caps full, Sugar, Yes to carrots ( a conditioner that I am not repurchasing but must use up). It was definitely looking like sick poop. I stirred it up and at the end cut and orange squoze it into the mix, stirred it again and then put the top on it to sitfor a few hours. After the color came to I sat it in the freezer. I won't be using this concoction until July, I know so long away. I was just very excited watching videos and I was very amped up LOL

March I will not be wigging it, YAY, and the crowd cheers. I will be trying my hand again at braid outs. I will also be doing Bantu Knot outs but those I do with ease, Soft roller sets- again no issue, and I will be whipping out my spin pins and bunning for fun.

I will post pictures :) Of my mix, my styles and more. One day I will be able to do videos and that will be awesome for now, I will talk and type you to death. Smile with me please.

My review for March will be on Lush Henna Caca Noir. Until Next time.

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