Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Henna to Remember - March 3, 2011

Henna Brand - Jamilia

Indigo - from

I am no longer a Henna Virgin. I mixed my henna about 2 weeks ago. I added 2 cups of hot black tea, Paprika, Yes to carrots mud mask, sugar, Amla Oil and orange juice splash. I froze it and took it out today, I washed dried and applied my henna generously. I left it on for 4 hours, Rinsed well with a conditioner I don't use. Washed with Motions Shampoo, and rinsed.

I applied the Indigo, left on for 1 and a half hours. NOW that was a beast, I mixed it way to thin, just water seamed to thick at first then I emptied the rest but it seemed like to much. I applied it and then placed a cap. I felt like I was wiping my neck for ages and my face. I was so glad to rinse it out. I let Mr. feel it. He said it felt rough but strong. I washed it with Hair one Cleanser. Rinsed well and shampooed with HO Argan oil again. Rinsed and steamed 30 minutes with Alter Ego Garlic Conditoner. BUTTERY soft, Needed to make sure my moisture level was up so I put in Silk Elements Megasilk Moisturizing Treatment for 2 hours.

My hair still felt like it had build up so I waited 3 days until after the oxidation period was over.

I whipped out my WEN and pumped several pumps into my hand. Then proceeded to cleanse my hair. I detangled added Wen Intensive Re Moist Treatment for 15 hours overnight, I rinsed it after leaving it on overnight and then applied ALTER EGO garlic conditioner for 3-4 hours. I rinsed and WOW oh what a feeling.

THE HENNA was now leaving my hair to a beautiful state and the color was so gentle and not box color looking.

I was a little dissappointed before rewashing my hair. Afterwards Now I can't wait for my next Henna!

Please feel free to visit this site gives you a free print out of wonderful directions on how to do this process. Everyone does it differently and you will tweek it the way you choose to after learning the basics.

No Drama Just this Lovely Gals honest opinion.


  1. Now you know you need to have some pics up in this thread, JJ!
    I have been going back and forth about henna and have decided I will be doing it, probably next week. I am going to mix mine with majority indigo because I really don't want to change my natural color much, but I want the strength of henna.
    I'll let you know when I try it. :)
    Your pic-wrangling Nikos' cousin,
    (it's Brittney btw... I don't know if I ever told you!)

  2. Lol @ thread...
    I've spent too much time on the board.
    I meant to say post, not thread!

  3. Hey Ladies sorry for the delay. I didn't take but 2 pics and deleted one by accident and the other is just an after pic. I will definitely post pics next time. Now that I know to mix my indigo a bit thicker. It was very runny and I spent a hour plus just wipping myself. LOL

    I will Henna again in May :)

  4. Crystal Henna is awesome as a hair conditioner it acts as protein. The color is an added bonus. :)