Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy New Years--- I know I am late -February 3, 2013

Happy New Years Ladies (and Gents).

I know I am late and offer my sincere apologies :D.
I have been in school, sick with a lung inflammation, sinus infection, severe allergies and a fever...yet still working magic on this hair.

I have reached APL (crowd cheers with vigor) quiet now....I know, I know... just funning with you.
I have reached APL and I still can't bun my hair with out excess tension being put on my scalp and strands. I am currently wigging as one of my semester classes are swimming and I want easy access to wash my scalp as well as keep it tucked nicely under my swim cap. So far so good.

I am rocking my MOMMY wig. She needed a dire washing last week and that bought back her shine and her waves and pixie curls. Ladies if your wig is looking dull and anything and everything seems to NOT work, try Fantasia Wig Cleanser. It does an amazing job of cleaning your Wig hair and keeping it conditioned. If you would love to be cheap like me, use only half of the recommended dosage because it works just as good as a full dosage.

Most of my styles are Wash and goes, and high puffs. I attempted and succeeded with setting it in Perm Rods and curlformer sets. I think next time I set it in rods, the rods will be bigger and I will come them out a little for a more Frolicious Mohawk effect.

I colored my hair Vivacious Red by Dark and Lovely and will do it two more times before using a henna and indigo over it. I don't want to damage my hair too much.

Other than that I have really decided Waist Length Natural is enough length for me. SURE the glories  of Hip Length or Tail BOne length are great and grand but "Ain't NoBODY got time for that"
Sugar honey BOO BOO, I have four kids and am a student myself. Who wants to be toying around with all that hair? Not I say's the cat! LOL

On another Note, I seriously am budgeting a certain amount for my hair yearly.

$500 and no more than that...

$175 towards my Wen products including 613 (will take advantage at the end of year for getting more bang for my buck)
$175 for Miss Jessies (will buy during the end of the year to take advantage of my budget and the sale)
$150 towards other needs from a regular Beauty supply store, Sally's or Mr. Kim (my actual BSS owners name)

This will go onto a TD bank gift card.. Once I am done... I am done! I will have to use what ever is around. Plus I am going to dabble into more Domincan Conditioners. They are cheaper and effective.

Once again my apologies for my lack of posting. I will try to do a monthly blog to keep up. Don't take my lack of posting as a sign for any lack of appreciation for the love of writing and reviewing.

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